S. Amir Kohan

What is SWOT Analysis?

SWOT stands for the following:

Strengths What are the strengths of your HR organization? What do you do
really well? What do you want to continue doing in the future? It could be
HRIS, sexual harassment prevention, or onboarding.
Weaknesses These are the areas you know need improvement. Maybe it is
the amount and quality of employee training, recruiting for diversity, or benefit
program analysis.
Opportunities A merger or acquisition offers opportunities to examine all HR
systems in both organizations and determine which will serve the new employer
group best in the future. New reporting requirements imposed by the government
entities or customer groups give us the chance to determine how they will be met
and the information used for improvement in our HR department.
Threats These are the challenges we face as HR professionals. For example,
an outside vendor may propose to deliver benefit program management more
cheaply than we can do it in-house. Initially, new government requirements
can be perceived as threats.

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