S. Amir Kohan

S. Amir Kohan, SHRM-CP

I’m S. Amir Kohan, SHRM-CP, and I specialize in leadership strategy, organizational development, and human resources management. Integrity and strong work ethics are at the heart of my professional practice. My core competencies range from HR transformation, corporate strategy, talent acquisition and management, to employee relations, labor relations, and diversity and inclusion.

With a diverse background in various management roles, particularly within human resources, I bring a profound understanding of business dynamics. My career spans multiple sectors, showcasing my adaptability to different organizational structures, cultures, and HR needs.

Collaborations and Industry Engagement

I collaborate with industry professionals to bridge the gap between theory and practice. My extensive experience ranges from working with start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, providing students and clients with valuable real-world insights.

Expertise and Specializations

I specialize in decentralizing leadership roles within organizations to enhance productivity and foster sustainability. My work emphasizes the importance of vision, purpose, reflectiveness, and systems thinking in achieving organizational potential. I have partnered with leaders in various industries, including business, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, nonprofits, and organized labor.

Behavioral Economics in HR

I am passionate about applying behavioral economics to HR, combining insights from psychology, economics, and neuroscience to better understand decision-making processes. I recognize that employees and job candidates are influenced by cognitive biases and heuristics, which can impact their decisions. By leveraging behavioral economics, I design more effective HR policies and practices, promote diversity and inclusion, and enhance overall employee experiences.

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S. Amir Kohan

Certified Human Resources Expert

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