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What is National Origin Harassment?

National origin harassment is a form of discrimination that occurs in the workplace. It occurs when employees are harassed because of their national origin or ethnicity. National origin harassment involves the use of languages, jokes, or other forms of intimidation targeted at an employee due to their national origin. It can also include denying an employee a promotion or job opportunity because of their national origin.

In the United States, national origin harassment is a civil rights violation that’s prohibited by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Additionally, some state courts have also recognized national origin harassment as unlawful and may order the employer to pay damages.

The effects of national origin harassment can be damaging to the victim and detrimental to an organization. Victims of national origin harassment may experience emotional pain and anguish, humiliation, and a sense of exclusion. If a person has been a victim of national origin harassment, it can lead to decreased morale and motivation, diminished job performance, and in some cases, job termination. In addition, it can create a hostile work environment for other employees who may be witnesses to the harassment.

To prevent national-origin harassment in the workplace, employers should establish clear policies regarding harassment. These policies should clearly and explicitly state that national origin harassment is not tolerated and that any employee who is found to be engaging in such behavior will be disciplined, including possible termination.

Employers should also provide employees with adequate training on how to identify national origin harassment and how to properly report it. This training should provide employees with examples of what constitutes national origin harassment and emphasize the importance of reporting any incidents so that the employer can take appropriate action.

Additionally, employers should take any reports of harassment seriously and investigate the claims promptly. This can help protect both the victim and the organization from any potential legal action and can cultivate an environment of trust, respect, and tolerance in the workplace.

In conclusion, national origin harassment can have serious implications for both victims and organizations. It’s important for employers to have clear policies and provide appropriate training so that employees can feel safe and protected in their workplace.

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