S. Amir Kohan

What is Intergroup Conflict and How to Manage It.

Intergroup conflict refers to a clash between two or more teams, groups, or departments.

This occurs when there are expressions of hostility or intentional interference with the opposing group’s activities.

Causes of Intergroup conflict:

  • competition for resources;
  • opposing viewpoints;
  • lack of adaptation to environmental change, or
  • task interdependence regarding the coordination of work.

Intergroup conflict is often separated into functional or dysfunctional.

Functional conflict may produce enhanced organizational performance as a result of alternative solutions.

Dysfunctional conflicts often have a negative impact on organizational performance. Due to its disruptive nature, the management team must address and eliminate dysfunctional conflict when reported or observed.

Mediation techniques of communicating and channeling energies, expertise, or resources of the conflicting group may help negotiate solutions and the attainment of organizational goals.


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