S. Amir Kohan

The Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act (1959)

Also called the Landrum-Griffin Act, this law outlines procedures for redressing internal union problems, protects the rights of union members from corrupt or discriminatory labor unions, and applies to all labor organizations. Specific requirements include the

• Unions must conduct secret elections, the results of which can be reviewed by the U.S. Department of Labor.
• A bill of rights guarantees union members certain rights, including free speech.
• Convicted felons and members of the Communist Party cannot hold office in unions.
• Annual financial reporting from unions to the Department of Labor is required.
• All union officials have a fiduciary responsibility in managing union assets and conducting the business of the union.
• Union power to place subordinate organizations in trusteeship is limited.
• Minimum standards for union disciplinary action against its members are provided.

For more information, see www.dol.gov/compliance/laws/comp-lmrda.htm.

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