S. Amir Kohan

Taylor’s Scientific Management

F. Taylor concluded that employees will change their behaviors when they know they are being observed.

Taylorism – 4 Principles of Scientific Management

  1. Select methods based on science, not “rule of thumb.” Rather than allowing each individual worker the freedom to use their own “rule of thumb” method to complete a task, you should instead use the scientific method to determine the “one best way” to do the job.
  2. Assign workers jobs based on their aptitudes. Instead of randomly assigning workers to any open job, assess which ones are most capable of each specific job and train them to work at peak efficiency.
  3. Monitor worker performance. Assess your workers’ efficiency and provide additional instruction when necessary to guarantee they are working productively.
  4. Properly divide the workload between managers and workers. Managers should plan and train, while workers should implement what they’ve been trained to do.

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