S. Amir Kohan

SMART goal

SMART goal setting stands for the following:

Specific Know exactly what you want to accomplish. Goals must be well-defined.
They must be clear and unambiguous.
Measurable Have a yardstick to measure the specific intention.
Attainable Make the goal achievable.
Realistic Make the goal realistic to achieve in the time frame and relevant to align
with the organization’s strategic plan.
Timed Specify whether this goal has an implementation date.

Composing goals with the SMART outline and using action verbs such as identify,
describe, create, implement, and define will guide the objective of the goal’s direction.

A word of caution when goal setting: be careful of the smorgasbord effect, which
means getting so excited about creating SMART goals for the HR plan that too many are
selected, which can cause a dilution of focus and resources.

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