S. Amir Kohan

Project Management Principles

Project Management Principles and Practices. Projects come and go in the life of
HR professionals. There are projects for the implementation of new benefit programs,
assessment of new recruiting sources, and all the projects associated with new paths of
a business that the organization is embarking on. Being able to juggle all those things at
the same time while assuring that each gets the proper amount of attention and actually
moves toward a conclusion are the mark of a good project manager.

A project consists of a series of activities and tasks that have been identified that need
to be performed to accomplish an outcome. Dates are identified, people are assigned to
the tasks, and resources such as budget and people are allocated. Overseeing a project is
project management.

Gantt chart:

Is an activity log or milestone chart, and it is widely available as a template
dedicated software program. A Gantt chart normally identifies in chronological
bar graph order what needs to occur first and simultaneously in a step fashion.

The benefit of a Gantt chart is the visual monitoring and communication
of who is on first base and doing what task, what needs to occur before progression to
second base, and where the results have to be before a run is counted at home plate.


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