S. Amir Kohan

Merger/Acquisition baded on Accelerating Implementation Methodology (AIM)

Define the changes in terms of human behavior The speed of integration is
determined by how you manage the human elements of the change. Remember to
define the changes in terms of what people need to be doing differently. What are
we doing? Why are we doing it, and what are the consequences if we don’t succeed?

Generate sponsorship Sponsorship is the single most important factor in
ensuring a fast and successful implementation. Every sponsor, from senior
management down to the line managers, must express, model, and reinforce
their commitment to the change. You will not get a cultural change with minor
changes in sponsor behavior!
Manage resistance Resistance is inevitable even when people see the merger
as positive. Resistance is a function of disruption, and an M&A can be very
disruptive. Make sure you have a plan on how to manage it, including responding
quickly to concerns, rumors, and questions.
Tighten up communications Every communication sent must include a
feedback loop.

Manage reinforcements The only way to implement actual culture change is to
integrate the behavioral elements of the new culture into the daily business activities
and then dramatically change the reinforcements—that is, the positive and negative
consequences that managers apply on a daily basis with their direct reports.

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