S. Amir Kohan

HR Strategic Planning: Key Concepts

Approaches to project management (e.g., traditional, lean, Six Sigma, agile, critical chain) and processes (e.g., initiating, planning and design, launching/executing, monitoring and controlling, closing)
Concepts of systems thinking (e.g., related parts, input-processes-output) and components of an organizational system (e.g., interdependence, the necessity of feedback, differentiation of units)
Organizational mission, vision, and values, and their relation to strategic management and planning
Project planning, monitoring, and reporting methods and tools (e.g., critical path analysis, Gantt charts, variance analysis, outcome monitoring)
Project leadership, governance, and structures (e.g., team roles, team management, work breakdown structures)
Role of strategic management and planning in creating and sustaining competitive advantage
Strategic planning analysis frameworks (e.g., PESTLE analysis, SWOT analysis, industry analysis, scenario planning, growth-share matrix)
Strategic planning process (e.g., formulation, goal-setting, implementation, evaluation)
Systems theory and input-process-output models

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