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Developing Employee Handbooks

Developing Employee Handbooks An employee handbook is a document that
communicates organizational history, mission, values, policies, procedures, and benefits. It
should contain information about all the “way we do things around here” and why we
do them that way.

The steps for developing employee handbooks are similar to those involved in devel-
oping workplace policies.

1. Review and make required revisions to the current company policies.
2. Create an outline of what to include in the employee handbook.
3. Create summarized versions of each policy and procedure.
4. Add each summary statement in the appropriate sections according to the outline.
5. Review the entire handbook.
6. Provide a finalized version to legal counsel for review.
7. Select a means of publication.
8. Distribute handbooks.
9. Update as necessary.

The majority of organizations are finding it extremely helpful to have their employee
handbooks electronic. It allows for the updating (and announcement of updates) to be more
frequent and an acknowledgment from employees that they are aware of the policy changes.

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